Cornering and line selection


  • Check the surface and weather conditions that could affect the safety
  • Keep the inside pedal up when cornering. If you turning right keep the right pedal up, if turning left keep the left pedal up.
  • Keep the eyes in the direction of the travel aiming the line you want to take
  • Allow the bike to lean in the direction of the turn. If you turning left lean to the left and if turning right lean the bike to the right.
  • Drop your shoulder to help to guide the bike. Turning left drop your left shoulder, turning right drop your right shoulder
  • Enter the berm on the inside or on the outside depending on berm and coach instructions
  • Allow the bike to drift up to the top of the berm
  • When your speed decrease begin to pedal and aim to the exit of the berm
  • Be aware of other riders