London BMX School Games - Summer 2016


London BMX School Games - Summer 2016


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On the 6th of July, Access Sport organised the London BMX School Games at the Olympic BMX track in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Running from 9.30 in the morning until 3.30 in the afternoon, the day was filled with beautiful sunshine, determination, competition, and a truly inspiring effort from all of the participants. 

Through Access Sport’s BMX Legacy Programme, we work with local schools to create a series of outreach sessions which give local young people the opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline filled sport of BMX whilst getting outdoors and active at their local BMX club! BMX is an adventurous sport and has thus been received with a great deal of enthusiasm among the young people. Many of the young people who attended the school games were previously inactive but have now gone on to become regular riders and the School Games provided a fantastic opportunity to put their newfound skills to the test.

Divided into age groups, the young people competed against one another, racing the impressive Olympic track. At the end of the day, the happy competitors received certificates and medals for their efforts and Woolwich Poly School was crowned the overall winner.


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The 8 schools who took part in the School Games have been involved in the BMX Legacy Programme outreach since March 2016. During this time, the young people have learnt the basics of BMX and have grown increasingly committed to the sessions.

Learning new skills also teaches young people resilience, self-confidence and sportsmanship - lifelong assets which can be instrumental in helping young people to overcome obstacles they may encounter in later life.

During the School Games a trophy was awarded to the student showing the strongest willpower. This prize was awarded to Victoria from Platanos school for her impressive effort, acting as a true role model and refusing to give up despite struggling to complete the track. This kind of resilience is exactly what Access Sport aims to teach young children through sport… never give up.

Access Sport would like to say a big thank you to Corporate Partner PSD Recruitment who sent 6 volunteers down to be part of the day, acting as Team Captains and assisting the school teams. Our volunteers also had the opportunity to try out the track and it appeared it perhaps was not as easy as the young people had made it seem!

Overall, the day was a great success! Smiles were shared, new friendships were forged and everyone came together, enjoying the power of sport…