Shanaze Reade gives back!


After years of hard work, pain and success it is nice of  to give back and go back to their local communities, and try to inspire the new generation. This is the case with Olympic star and four-time BMX World Champion, Shanaze Reade,  who embarked on a 2 week journey of coaching clinics in 8 different cities and town across the country from last week. The clinics started off at three of our London BMX clubs; Hammersmith and Peckham on the 29th of October and Hayes Hawks on the 30th which we had the privilege of attending.

 The day was split into 2 parts with 20 novice riders to start with and another 20 or so expert riders from 6 years old. The riders had a warm-up on the track and then did some exercises without bikes, they then worked on their starting technique at that gates while doing half laps and then full track racing with some helpful tips from Shanaze. Fun and competitive relays brought the coaching to a conclusion. Shanaze was very helpful throughout and was great with the riders. One parent who was present said of the coaching clinic; “It’s been really good, she’s picking up on their technique and what they need to improve on and what they’ve been doing well, so yes it’s been really positive”.

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To round off a great day, Shanaze then took individual pictures with every rider that had attended, signed autographs and had a brief Q&A session.  Everyone left feeling very inspired. Sam, a dad of three junior champions Jimmy, Gideon and Emily gave a rousing soundbite on the day’s events and what he thought of Shanaze taking some time out and helping young riders; “It’s very very good. My sons, when they were novices went to watch BMX at Broadway House in Cheddar and they watched Shanaze ride against boys and beat them and they thought she was the best rider they had ever seen. So it’s really good for them that she’s here, because as an Olympic athlete and World Champion she’s inspirational”.


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 However the riders weren’t the only ones inspired by the day. Shanaze herself was quoted saying“Today has been amazing. Just to come the track and see the enthusiasm of young riders is really inspiring for myself as well because sometimes you can forget when you’re at the pro level why you even got into BMX and when you come here, you can see why, because all the kids are riding and that’s exactly what I loved about the sport and still love about it” Shanaze was also impressed by the volunteers and all those who help to run the clubs “I’ve done four clinics so far, and it’s gone really good. The enthusiasm from the volunteers who help out at the tracks, the parents and obviously the kids as well, has been inspiring”. The good news for BMX riders out there who may have missed out or even those who still got to attend is that Shanaze hopes to run these clinics every year and maybe advance it to camps at weekends and as a first step in coaching she thought it had gone well.



As a growing sport in the country, occasions such as this are no doubt a massive part into getting more people involved in BMX and inspiring future world champions. Thank you Shanaze. 


Samantha Chitabura