Ambassadors & Endorsements


Shanaze Reade

BMX World Champion

“BMX is my life and passion. I was a young kid when I got into racing so I am right behind Access Sport and British Cycling’s project”

A wonderful role model to young BMX riders Shanaze Reade was born in Crewe in 1988 and began racing BMX at Crewe’s Tipkinder Park at the age of 10. Known for her power and acceleration Shanaze has gone on to win the UCI BMX World Championships three times, represent Great Britain at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games and has also won medals in the Velodrome, including a Women's Team Sprint Gold Medal gold medal with Victoria Pendleton at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Palma de Mallorca.

Liam Phillips

BMX World Champion


Retired Professional BMX racer Liam, started biking at the age of five and won ten consecutive BMX national titles between the age of 5 and 14. His most notable achievements include a European Gold in 1999 and a World Championship title in 2013. Liam was part of the British Team at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympics. Liam has won 11 gold medals in total. Liam has been a supporter of the Heart and Minds Challenge Charity, working to help families and individuals with autism and is an ambassador with Access Sport.






Bob Haro

BMX Freestyle Campion

Bob Haro.pngNicknamed “The Godfather of freestyle”, Bob is a former freestyle BMX rider and one of the most important innovators of BMX freestyle. In 1978, Haro teamed up with R.L.Osborne to form the very first freestyle BMX team and in 1981 Haro designed the first frame and fork tailored for freestyle BMX. The bike became commercially available in 1982 and was marketed as the Haro freestyler. Today the Haro bike is one of the most used for freestyle BMX.

Bob is an Ambassador and keen supporter of Access Sport’s BMX Legacy Programme and has previously visited Hackney BMX Club.

Tre Whyte

British Cycling GB Academy - BOA Ambition Programme Athlete - BMX Legacy Project Ambassador

“BMX has been a hugely positive influence in my life. Many people in Peckham are involved in drugs and crime but Peckham BMX club taught me the discipline and ambition to rise above that. I am delighted that you plan to build more BMX clubs and tracks around London as part of the BMX Legacy Project”

Tre Whyte is another British BMX star to come out of Peckham BMX. Now a full-time member of British Cycling’s BMX Academy in Manchester Tre is one of the fastest racers in Britain and one of the leading prospects for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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Quillan Isidore

World Junior BMX champion - Olympic Development Programme - BMX Legacy Project Ambassador

“My coach at Peckham BMX has been the most influential figure in my life. BMX has kept me focussed and away from the trouble that many people my age find themselves in. It has taught me self-discipline, to never to give up and always to strive to do my best at all times. I am 100% behind the BMX Legacy Project”

Quillan is one of Britain’s brightest prospects, a view shared by Sky Sports who signed Quillan to their scholarship programme in 2013. Quillan was born and brought up in London and after getting involved with Peckham BMX aged 10 has gone on to be 3 time British Junior Champion, twice National Champion and the 2012 UCI Boys 16 World Champion.

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Scott Dick

Chairman Hayes Hawks

Affectionately known to many as Uncle Buck, Scott has been involved in BMX racing for over 30 years and is still passionately promoting the sport throughout the UK. Scott has been an invaluable supporter of the BMX Legacy Project since it started in 2011, providing advice and guidance whenever it was needed.

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CK Flash

Founder of Peckham BMX

After a successful junior career in BMX racing CK is now a successful entrepreneur and DJ. In 2004 CK took up the challenge with Edwards Bike Shop and Southwark Council to start a BMX club on a patch of wasteland in Peckham. Less than 10 years later the club has become one of the UK’s top clubs and Peckham BMX has a new million pound home in Burgess Park.

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