Types of bike


BMX bikes essentially fall under two categories: freestyle, and race.


Includes "flatland", "street", "vert", "park" and "trail/dirt."

Different types of freestyle BMX bikes come with variable peg sizes (which attach to the axle of the wheel), except dirt bikes which generally do not have pegs. Tire styles depend upon the type of surface being ridden on, with dirt bikers choosing more knobby tires for extra grip on the looser ground.


This sport, heavily inspired by motocross, is one of the most energetic and risky forms of bicycling in the world. Not only do riders need to ensure that they are safe, they also need to avoid other riders racing along the track.

Race bikes are very light BMX bikes with certain special features. Because the BMX race bike is made to go as fast as possible, it usually comes a super sturdy, long frame for safety and stability.