Saturday the 17th of January was the re-launch of the Tower Hamlets Inclusive Sessions after nearly a year long hiatus. This time around Access Sport teamed up with DSActive in order to make these sessions more successful and get young people with Down’s syndrome involved. The sessions are aimed at anyone with any learning disabilities and no experience is required to take part.

 A lot of promotion went towards getting as many people involved as possible. All the hard work paid off as we had just under 20 young people ready and raring to go on a chilly Saturday morning. There was a mix of first time riders and some kids who cycle but have never been on a BMX track but got to try it out for the first time on Saturday.


One of the parents emphasised the need for inclusive sessions such as this

“When you got a child with special needs, and on a mainstream track, people don’t want to wait for you, they don’t want you to go on and it’s quite difficult to do” His son, Edward is a 17 year with Down’s syndrome but he’s a competent cyclist and very active.

 He also added “This is very good for him, for all his core and motor skills and also learning how to shift his body weight which is very difficult to learn on the roads especially when there’s traffic and he doesn’t really understand danger.”

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This highlights the need for more inclusive programmes such as this, as they make a lot of difference and have a positive impact on the young people who get to take part. The sessions will run weekly on Saturdays between 12pm-1pm but be sure to check the Tower Hamlets facebook page for any weather related updates etc. 


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For more information on the Tower Hamlets Inclusive Sessions please contact

Tess Cinamon Duffield – 7993 9883  


Samantha Chitabura