London BMX Cluster sessions @ the Lee Valley VeloPark


The BMX club cluster sessions start at the Lee Valley VeloPark, this Tuesday, February 17th, 7:30pm – 9pm.




Nathaniel Martin will kick-start the sessions which will then run every Tuesday (7pm – 9pm), with Saturday morning sessions (9am – 11am) also starting on March 7th.


Cost & equipment:

• £5.00 per person per session

• £1.00 each for bike and/or helmet, if needed

• To hire equipment riders would only have to complete the standard venue’s equipment hire form.

• Riders will pay this fee at reception, and be given a wristband. Volunteers at the track will check riders have a wristband before allowing them to sign in. Riders should give their wristband back to the coach at the end of the session.



Any questions please contact