London BMX consultation

London BMX consultation questions

The information below has been put together as during this period of consultation there have been some great questions asked, we have tired to summarise them and keep the answers as short and clear as possible.

If you have any further questions please email

London series overview

The London series started off in 2013 with 4 clubs hosting a four race series attended by a total of 359 riders with an average turn out of 175 riders per round.

With continued growth the 2018 series was attended by a total of 480 riders with an average of 230 riders attending each round.

The 2019 series has seen a dip in rider numbers as have most other regional series with a total of 390 riders attending the series and and average of 193 riders attending each round.

Given the overall growth and support of the London BMX series from the clubs and their members, a small team of dedicated BMX volunteers have been working away in the back ground for the last two years.

In the hope to further develop the sport of BMX and the sustainability of the London Series along with paving a way to allow the London series among other things to offer qualification the the British BMX Championships “The Brits"

London series 2020 races

The London series could look something like this for next year and have six races in London at the following clubs/tracks and two outside of London.

  1. Barking and Dagenham (BADBMX)
  2. Brixton
  3. Hackney @ Velopark (inter regional with the East BMX series)
  4. Hayes Hawks
  5. Merton (inter regional with the South BMX series)
  6. Peckham
  7. Braintree (inter regional with East BMX series)
  8. Runnymede/Cyclopark (inter regional with the South BMX series)

Historically Hayes, Merton and Peckham have hosted South series races and with the proposed inter regionals with the South it has been suggested to rotate the inter regionals between these clubs each year.

Inter regional races work like this, for example the inter regional with the East BMX series involves two races, one hosted by Hackney @ Velopark and a second race hosted by Braintree in the East.

This brings riders together from two different series increasing rider numbers, mixing the competition up a bit and has the potentially to raise the level competitiveness.

Race categories/classes for 2020

We are likely to adopt the categories/classes as per the National series 2020 Technical document when it is released.

Depending on the numbers of riders per category some merging may be necessary on the day, again this is dependant on the on the number of riders entering and supporting the series.

It is also likely that female categories with low rider attendance will be given the option to be merged with the equivalent male category or the male category one year younger.

Rider numbers

For the London series to continue to be a success it requires the support and attendance from the members of all fourteen London BMX clubs along with the work of the volunteers that organise and host the series.

During the 2019 BMX season there was a total of 335 riders from London BMX clubs that raced either in the London and South series or both.

194 Riders from seven of the London clubs raced in the South series for 2019 with 60 of those riders not riding in London.

Using data from the London, South and East series we have been able to estimate riders numbers for 2020 London series

We are predicting riders numbers in the region of around 252 for each round of the series with an increase in the rider numbers for the proposed inter regionals with the East of 300-350 riders and 350-400 rider for the inter regionals with the South.




Rd2 Inter Sth




Rd6 Inter EA

Rd7 Inter Sth

Rd8 Inter EA

Average per Rd.

London, Low rider count inter regional estimate










London, High rider count inter regional estimate










Note: These numbers are only estimates and could be higher or lower, it all depends on the clubs, their riders and families supporting the series by attending the races and on the race schedule/calendar for 2020.

British BMX championship qualification

As mentioned above and potentially new to our series for 2020 is the option of being able to qualify for the British Championships ("The Brits") for the first time via the London series.

This would allow Expert riders/members of the London clubs to qualify for "The Brits” by riding in a minimum of five of the eight available races

All of the eight suggested races would make up the London series for 2020 with the final race having to be held before The Brits on the August Bank Holiday.

The race schedule/calendar is currently being worked on, it is dependant on the consultation and will be made available as soon as possible.

Further details on about the qualification for “The Brits” can be found here in the National series Technical document.

The proposed 2020 London BMX series doesn’t restrict the riders and their families traveling and competing in any other BMX series or race nation wide, where you would still be representing your club, the only caveat to this is the British Cycling rule for qualification to “The Brits” please see the link above.

Current BMX developments happening in London

  1. Hayes Hawks have just initiated a feasibility study with British Cycling, London Sport and Hillingdon council looking at the re-devlopement of their existing site for a National standard track and facilities or possibility relocating to another site nearby with other established cycling facilities.
  2. Ealing BMX Club are working with their council on a new regional standard track due to the re-developement of their exisiting site for a housing project.
  3. A group in North London are in the early stages at looking at upgrading their pump track with a race track.
  4. The London Youth Games BMX event has lead to two new BMX clubs being established in London, so we would like to welcome COG and the Redbridge Spitfires to the party.
  5. There is also the possibility of London having its own Talent development Pathway RSR’s and Talent development camps which would give more London riders the opportunity to be considered.
  6. We are working again with London Youth Games to help host the LYG BMX event which helps expose the sport too many new potential participants.